Christmas Party (End of Year) Event Backdrops

Modular 3D backdrops are game-changers for any corporate event planner. Make sure your Christmas backdrop sets the scene for your year-end event.

Stage backdrops are one of the highlights of any corporate end-of-year function. Once the event is in full swing, everyone’s gaze will be fixed on the stage and backdrop for the rest of the evening.

If you want a stress-free backdrop that will give your event a great seasonal Christmas vibe, then Modular Backdrops are the only way to go.

Christmas trees made out of Orb Wall panels as backdrop with Christmas party catering on the table in front.

The Best Event Backdrops for Corporate Christmas Parties

The best end-of-year Christmas party backdrops should be more than just visually appealing. For your attendees, the backdrop should elevate their overall event experience. And, for the team planning end-of-year events, the best backdrops should also offer cost-efficiency, ease of use and customizability that will complement your corporate branding. Modular Backdrops offer all that and more.

If you’re wondering which 3 Modular Backdrop designs we recommend for Christmas parties and other corporate end-of-year functions, then look no further than our suggestions below.

Our Ice Wall Modular Backdrop is a literal blank canvas, making it exceptionally versatile. The minimalist look of the Ice Wall helps it pair seamlessly with other square panel styles, including our Stealth Wall, Lux Wall, and Ripple Wall.

One of the best uses of the Ice Wall is to display your corporate branding. The smooth, white panels also make ideal projection screen backgrounds.

Perfect for creating a North Pole feel, the Stealth Wall is an ideal choice for festive end-of-year corporate celebrations.

Featuring an eye-catching 3D pattern and a matte white finish, even a simple wall of these interlocking panels can create a feast for the eyes.  

The Stealth Wall also look great with projected festive lighting or 3D digital projection-mapped Christmas scenes.

Large Christmas event theme with illuminated Christmas tree backdrop.

The circular Orb Wall panels can be built up to create Christmas trees or bauble shapes to captivate your audience with a scene straight out of a holiday storybook. The 3D modular panels can be used to build a complete stage set or festive props that you can place in entrances or around your event space.

These panels also look amazing when set up as smaller points of interest throughout your stage or a half-wall backdrop.

Inspiration for Christmas Party Backdrops

Modular 3D backdrops make the best event backdrops because they are an intriguing canvas that you can customize to make your own. The interlocking backdrop panels literally click into place.  Each 3D panel snaps together with quick-release clips to create interesting shapes and patterns. This upcoming holiday season, you can’t go wrong with Orb Wall panels stacked in the shape of Christmas trees.

If trees aren’t your thing, you can set up Stealth Wall panels into squares and use colored lights or projection mapping to make them look like huge gift-wrapped presents. Or, you can also go down the simpler route of building a full floor-to-ceiling backdrop that highlights the panel designs. Combine these with projection mapping and stunning graphics, and you’ve got an unforgettable Christmas backdrop employees that clients will be talking about for weeks to come.

Modular Backdrops can be almost anything you want them to be — the only limit is your imagination.

Answers to Your Christmas Party Planning Questions

The best backdrops for corporate holiday or year-end parties are always ones that make an impact and match your event theme or corporate branding! If you want the best backdrop possible, look for backdrops that are unique, eye-catching, customizable, and fit your theme — like our Modular Backdrops!

Several key features of a good corporate year-end party are:

  • A beautiful venue and festive backdrop and decor
  • Appropriate and memorable theme
  • Engaging event hosts
  • Good selection of food and drinks
  • Fun activities, like a raffle draw or white elephant gift exchange

Several key features of a good corporate year-end party are:

  • The date and time, venue, and catering are three crucial factors to consider. You need to ensure that the party falls on a time and date that everyone can attend, including the busiest VIPs that you hope will be in attendance.

  • Finding a venue and catering provider needs to be done as early as possible. Do it too late and all the great venues and caterers will be fully booked by the time you contact them. In choosing your venue, you also have to consider your theme, stage setup, and other decor.

Yes! Projection mapping can be used to create interesting stage backgrounds, and interactive visual presentations. We recommend getting projection mapping along with our Stealth Wall or Orb Wall panels for the full effect. They are perfect for captivating your audience with 3D projection mapped Christmas scenes.

Yes! Since our Modular Backdrops can be arranged in almost any way possible, they can be adapted for both wide stage designs and limited spaces, such as in-store installations. If you’re having an in-store event or promotion this Christmas, contact us at 833-851-3255 for more Modular Backdrop ideas for your in-store installations.

Renting event backdrops is the go-to option if you want to save money. They minimize storage space usage and reduce unnecessary waste as well, since everything can be taken down and returned to us.

Our modular panels are all made from ABS plastic, which makes them sturdy and reusable. Instead of getting discarded after one use, the panels can be used for another stage backdrop.

  • Modular Backdrops give any end-of-year corporate function a professional corporate feel — but without a sky-high price tag. Each panel is a cost-effective $21 to hire, plus delivery. But remember, the true value of our backdrops is due to the fact that you don’t need to hire specialist installation teams to install them.  Anyone can build the backdrop by following the instructions and using the quick release clips to put the backdrop together.
  • Modular Backdrops are more environmentally friendly option compared to single use banner style backdrops.
  • The 3D panels can be customized to meet your unique corporate branding needs.  Plus, they are the perfect canvas for Projection Mapped content such as Christmas scenes.

About Modular Backdrops

Developed in Australia by our talented team of designers and local engineers, our selection of modular panels offers the perfect backdrop for any event.

Our modular panels and augmented projection mapping won the 2018 Special Event Gala Award in New Orleans for Best New Product/Technology. Our walls are easy to install and come with online and print installation guides.