Gala Dinner Event Backdrops

Gala dinners are meant to be nights to remember

Delicious food, entertaining performances, and gorgeous environments.

If you want to take your stage to the next level, you need a scenic backdrop from Modular Backdrops.

Modular Backdrops has provided unique, cutting-edge backdrops to gala dinners in Australia and the United States since 2014.

All of our panel types are designed with ease-of-use in mind, requiring no specialized tools or training to install. Bring your stage to life with a customizable 3D setting from Modular Backdrops!

The best scenic panel backdrops to elevate your gala dinner

Every scenic backdrop that we offer creates a unique stage environment. We’ve curated a list of styles that fit gala dinners perfectly, but we encourage you to browse all of our Modular Backdrop styles to find the perfect fit for your event.

Lux Wall Backdrop for Baby Give Back Event

If your gala dinner needs a traditional, luxurious look, the Lux Wall is exactly what you’re looking for. The matte white finish and floral pattern of each panel is perfect to reflect and absorb lighting. 

Each Lux Wall panel measures 24 inches x 24 inches square, weighs less than 2 pounds, and is easy to install in any setting.

Stealth Wall and Corporate Stage

The edgy, modern angles of the Stealth Wall from Modular Backdrops can easily bring your gala dinner into the 21st century.

With our Quick Release lever technology, setup and breakdown are easier than ever.

Orb Wall Panel and John Howard in front of Orb Stage Set

Looking for a unique event backdrop that will really make your gala dinner pop? Look no further than the Orb Wall Circular 3D Stage Backdrop. This eye-catching piece is perfect for any special occasion, and it’s sure to get everyone talking. 

Both the Stealth Wall and Orb Wall options are ideal canvases for projection mapping.

Our Gala Dinner Backdrops

About Modular Backdrops

Developed in Australia by our talented team of designers and local engineers, our selection of modular panels offers the perfect backdrop for any event.

Our modular panels and augmented projection mapping won the 2018 Special Event Gala Award in New Orleans for Best New Product/Technology. Our walls are easy to install and come with online and print installation guides.