Stealth Wall

Stealth Wall | Stealth Pattern Event Backdrop

From $21 per panel

Stealth Wall quick facts



24″ x 24″


1.8 lb


build time
20ft x 40ft

60 mins

great canvas for lighting effects


panel size

24" x 24"


panel weight

1.8 lb grams


build time
20ft x 40ft

60 mins


perfect for
3D projection mapping

Product overview

The Stealth Wall is Modular Backdrops most versatile and innovative event set.

Don’t be fooled by the name; the panels clip together to create a 3D scenic backdrop like no other.

The matte white finish of the panels makes them an ideal canvas for projected lighting and 3D Digital Projection Mapping and Blending technology.

Each interlocking panel measures 24 inches x 24 inches peak to peak and weighs less than 2 pounds each.

Compatible with AV rigging, the customized QR Cross bars integrate with pipe & drape hardware, and in larger applications is suspended from truss rigging.

A modern, on-trend, and on-brand backdrop solution for:

1. Refer to the instructions and plan attached to your Modular Backdrops delivery
This is important as they are unique to the venue, desired backdrop and your av requirements.

2. Follow the step-by-step instructions and plan to build your Stealth Wall backdrop
No tools are required to install each panel. Installation is extremely quick and versatile with our custom modular QR cross bars attaching easily to several rigging options such as standard AV pipe and drape, truss, or even Jands drape track.

3. Stand back to check your customized Modular Backdrop
Ensure that it matches the provided plan.

4. Enjoy your event
Take in the amazing feedback you will get on the impressive Stealth Wall set design.

5. Strike
Use the QR clips to release the individual Panels and then dismantle the QR Cross Bars.

6. Return QR Cross Bars and Panels to the supplied customized shipping cases
Return all Modular Backdrop cases to the agreed collection dock.

Stealth Wall installation videos

Modular Highlights of Lighting and Projection Mapping

Stealth Wall on Pipe and Drape Uprights 

Stealth on Custom Truss Rigging

Stealth Wall gallery

Answers to your Stealth Wall modular panel questions

What is the rental period for modular panels?

The standard rental period is a maximum of five (5) working days or seven (7) days including shipping time.

A 50% deposit is required to place a reservation.

Modular panel rental prices exclude Taxes, rigging, shipping costs and insurance.

How do I build Modular Backdrops?

To keep things super easy, you can either follow the step-by-step video tutorial or the printed illustrated instructions which come with delivery.

You can also check out our short installation videos for different installations here: Truss, Pushups and Freestanding integrations.

Can modular backdrops be used for projection mapping?

The Stealth Wall and Orb Wall are the perfect event backdrop canvas for 3D Augmented Projection Mapping.

How early before my event should I confirm my backdrop booking?

To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book our modular backdrops at the earliest possible time before your event is scheduled.

Because our backdrops are in demand in all regions of the US and through our network of global offices, booking your preferred modular backdrop at the earliest possible time is advised.

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