How To Find the Best Event Backdrop for Your Next Event

How To Find Your Next Event Backdrop


The event backdrop you choose is the ultimate addition to whatever occasion you’re celebrating. This is where all the action happens, as the eye of every person in the event is drawn to the design. You can be sure that your event backdrop will be the focal point of all pictures later uploaded to social media.

This blog will discuss finding the best backdrop for your event and the best company for event backdrop rental, so keep reading.

What Are Some Tips for Finding the Best Event Backdrop?


Choosing the best backdrop for events requires a holistic approach. You need to take into consideration several factors, from the size to the color and the overall theme of the event.

When looking for backdrop walls, you need to first focus on a central theme. Backdrops can range from sophisticated and elegant styles to simple and professional designs. For corporate events, such as a business conference or awarding ceremony, it’s best to integrate elements related to your company’s brand, such as the logo, slogan, or colors.

You also need to remember the use of the backdrop itself. Back in the day, a backdrop was simply used as a way to design the stage. It told people exactly what the event was about and provided a focal point that everyone could focus on during the festivities.

Today, however, backdrops do more than just set the stage. They also set the mood and help move the event along from one phase to the next. As you choose a backdrop, it’s important to keep in mind exactly what you want your backdrop to do.

How Can You Make Sure the Backdrop Works Well With Your Event Theme?

Consider the Color of Your Event’s Theme


The color of your event’s theme sets the overall mood for your guests. It serves as an incredibly effective way of communicating the brand, feel, environment, or emotions of the occasion. For work-related events, generally, your choice of color follows the color of the company you’re trying to present. However, it can also be close to the brand’s overall color on the color wheel to maintain the theme’s continuity.

Consider the Size and Shape of Your Backdrop


The size and shape of your stage backdrop are crucial for ensuring that you achieve the right look in sufficient space. It has to be big enough to guarantee that everyone in the room will appreciate the backdrop without completely overpowering or occupying the room. It should catch attention without severely limiting the amount of space available for use. 

Consider the Weight and Sturdiness of Your Backdrop Range


You want to make sure that the backdrop can stand on its own and remain standing despite some significant weight on it. Note that a modular set design typically involves added weight onto the surface, so you’ll need to make sure that it stands firm.

Some backdrop styles, such as a divider, may have people leaning on it throughout the event. You want to avoid injuries resulting from a tipped-over backdrop, so you must ensure it has adequate support to sustain the weight. 

Consider the Lighting of Your Event Space


Lighting is a crucial element that some people forget when setting the stage. The truth is that good lighting can easily flatter an event and create the exact vibe you want for the occasion. Recent developments, however, have turned lighting into something more than just a way to illuminate the room. For example, projection mapping has become a powerful tool for making presentations.

Using projection mapping, companies and event planners can overlap video presentations on any surface. AV light washing involves filling the stage with soft colored lights to create an illumination across the room. Combined with modular backdrops, these two techniques have been known to completely transform an event and create a stunning experience. For example, using projection mapping on a modular backdrop allows the images or videos to pop out of the surface in striking lights, shapes, and colors.

Consider How Long You Need the Event Stage Backdrop in Place For


Events requiring backdrops can be set up for a few weeks, days, or even just a single day. The type of event stage backdrop you get should fit the amount of time it will be used for.

For example, a backdrop that will be used for one single event should be easy to assemble and disassemble. Beyond that, it should also be ready for reuse and easily repurposed to be more environmentally friendly. Modular Backdrops using robust panels typically carry this element — allowing them to be reused and installed time and again for different events.

Consider How the Backdrop Interacts With Your Guests


What exactly is the backdrop’s or party backdrop purpose when included in the event? Is it simply a good setting for the background stage which everyone can focus on? Does it simply work as the space behind the emcee or the host of the event? Or do you want it to do something more? Modular Backdrops, for example, are incredibly effective screens that can be used as part of a presentation. 

They can be changed according to the demands of the event and be used to interact with the audience, especially during photo ops.
For example, the name, picture, and title of an individual may be flashed on the screen as they deliver a speech. If a company is launching a new product, a 3D model or the specifications of the product can be projected on the backdrop, effectively showcasing its features to everyone in the room.

Should You DIY Your Own Modular Backdrop or Hire a Professional?


Modular Backdrops may seem complicated when set up but that’s quite far from the truth. These decorative backdrops are made of individual panels that can be put together in an approach similar to Tetris. The easy setup also translates to quick retrieval of the panels after the event is finished. There’s no need for any special tools or even specialized skills to get the job done.

The only problem with a DIY approach to modular backdrops would be access to the backdrop panels themselves. The cost of the backdrops for a single-time use might discourage event organizers. Fortunately, Modular Backdrops rents these out, which can be dropped off and then picked up at the event venue. This way, you can make the most out of both worlds by keeping costs down while getting quality Modular Backdrops.

For huge events, however, planners are advised to have the professionals set up the backdrop. Large events requiring a huge center stage, such as a product launch, may require dedicated time to install each panel according to the demands of the event. In these cases, it’s usually best to have the Modular Backdrops professionals on your side so you can focus on other crucial elements of the event.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Modular Backdrop?

Are There Other Ways To Use a Backdrop Besides an Event?

What Are the Benefits of a Modular Backdrop to Events?

Easy Flexibility

High-Resolution Logos

On-Brand Design


A Modular Backdrop setup lets you create a design that stays true to the brand. This is crucial, as brand awareness and recognition can benefit a company’s image. You also want to constantly remind people of the central theme of the event. Whether it is a company dinner or a product launch, the central theme binds everyone together and it helps to have a backdrop that reminds people of this.

It’s a Social Media Message

social message

Everyone loves to post about the events or occasions they attend. However, people who post about their social events typically look for the best place to take that shot. An image with just a table and a few drinks in the background doesn’t offer the full information necessary for social media posting. Fortunately, modular backdrops are the perfect way to communicate that message. The backdrop, which displays the purpose, theme, date, or place of the event provides something that people can use as a background for their social media posts.

This can contribute greatly to a company’s brand awareness and recognition. As more photos of the occasion are spread across social media, people who see pictures with the event backdrop begin associating it with your brand. This can be used as an opportunity to convey what kind of company you are, what you do, and possibly invite them to learn more about the business.

Get Your Custom Backdrops for Events


At the end of the day, if done correctly, Modular Backdrops can be an effective way to send a message, create a vibe, enhance an event, and give the audience an authentic feel of the overall theme. We hope you now have a better understanding of how to find the best ones for your event.

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