Mode Wall

Modular Backdrops

Event backdrops & stage backdrop panels

From $21 per panel

Easy installation   |   Integrates with AV rigging   |   Cost-effective

Easy installation 
  Integrates with AV rigging  
  Cost effective

Modular backdrops & stage backdrop panels

Discover Modular Backdrops lightweight 3D panels that click together without tools. Transform your corporate event, AGM, exhibition, gala dinner or award show.

A perfect canvas for audience captivating AV technologies of projection blending and projection-mapping or a dynamic background for clever and cost-effective lighting effects.

modular backdrops

Modular Backdrop styles

Nine unique 3D panel designs to choose from. Our simple to use QR (Quick-Release) Levers allow the wall to be modified to any location.

The Honey Wall is by far our most popular modular scenery. The hexagonal-shaped panels, inspired by a honeycomb pattern, create an intriguing backdrop at any event.



The Stealth Wall is by no means stealthy in style. The adaptable and cutting-edge design makes a bold event statement. Plus, it’s an optimal canvas for projection mapping technology.


The Orb Wall modular scenic panels provide a mosaic appearance to events and stage backdrops. It is an ideal backdrop for Projection Mapping.

The Mode Wall brings a geometric, pattern and unique feel to your backdrop or set.  The versatile hexagonal pattern will bring style to both traditional and modern venue event settings.

The Geo Wall’s jagged unpredictable texture makes it eye-catching backdrop like no other. These panels look great coupled with interspersed branded Ice Walls panels.

Create waves at your upcoming corporate event. The Ripple Wall has a modern innovative feel. Build it tall, wide, and project lighting effects on it to personalize the look.

By name, the Infinity Wall is a limitless event backdrop solution.  The geometric patterns make it a great set for projecting lighting effects onto.

With its distinctive beauty, the Lux Wall adds a touch of class to any room for your next event. Looks great matched with other styles such as the Ice Wall.

The Ice Wall is one of the simplest yet most versatile scenic sets for corporate events, gala dinners, stage sets and conferences.  Adhesive branding can be applied to the panels to highlight your organization.

Looking for event projection mapping?

Learn more about this trending technology

For help selecting a Modular Backdrop
style for your event, call now

For help selecting a Modular Backdrop style for your event, call now.

Why you will love Modular Backdrops

No tools needed
to construct

No tools or specialist expertise required! The simple, smart lightweight backdrop panels easily clip together with quick-release levers.

Build it small,
build it big

You can use 1 row of panels to build a small welcome sign or build them up to create a huge stage set. Modular Backdrops can be scaled to your event needs.

Compatible with
AV rigging

The custom modular QR Cross bars easily attach to different rigging including common pipe & drape hardware, and in larger applications can be suspended from truss rigging.

Keep it white
or go bright

The crisp white solid backdrop panels are so intriguing you can use them as they are. 

If you want to be more dramatic, you can use vibrant lighting effects or even 3D Augmented Projection Mapping.


The interlocking panels allow the walls to be adapted to any venue space allowing you to transform your event space in an instant.

They can be used alone for small signage or to build full-scale stage sets.


Arguably the most cost-effective stage backdrop solution available in the US. 

Our custom rigging and QR levers make installation and removal a breeze reducing your labor and production costs.

Who are Modular Backdrops for?

Event planners, production companies or anyone looking for an innovative backdrop or set.

They are the perfect solution for anyone planning an AGM, award night, corporate celebrations, gala dinner, trade shows, dance recitals and production sets. The panels click together to create an impactful 3D modular stage backdrop in an instant.

Why Modular Backdrops?

Building a stage set is made easy with our modular wall panels. They are designed to be:

✓ Lightweight & easy to install.
✓ Cost-effective.
✓ Scalable to different stage sizes.
✓ An innovative theming solution.

Event partners

Proudly, our clients are as diverse as the amazing designs and applications each and everyone brings our Modular Backdrops to their live events.

Our corporate clients have rented our panels for conferences, annual general meetings (AGMs) and gala awards. We also partner with in-house visual companies who utilize our modular panels to transform their client events. Many larger convention centers creating amazing modular backdrop walls in excess of 32 feet tall x 196 feet wide.

If you are wondering what types of events Modular Backdrops are best suited for, visit our events page.

Answers to 3D Modular Backdrops questions

The standard rental period is a maximum of five (5) working days or seven (7) days including shipping time.
A 50% deposit is required to place a reservation.

Modular panel rental prices exclude Taxes, rigging, shipping costs and insurance.

To keep things super easy, you can either follow the step-by-step video tutorial or the printed illustrated instructions which come with delivery. You can also check out our short installation videos for different installations here: Truss, Pushups and Freestanding integrations.

The Stealth Wall and Orb Wall are the perfect event backdrop canvas for 3D Augmented Projection Mapping.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book our modular backdrops at the earliest possible time before your event is scheduled.

Because our backdrops are in demand in all regions of the US and through our network of global offices, booking your preferred modular backdrop at the earliest possible time is advised.